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Supporting Education and Innovation


Why Diabetes Coaching

Type 1 diabetes is overwhelming. Whether you were diagnosed yesterday or have a been diabetic for years, there’s a lot of information regarding “proper” diabetes management. We can help you by bridging the gap and translate the latest technology, research, and education to support your management in a simplistic manner. With our help, you can focus on your life and what is truly important, and not your diabetes

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Meet Anissa Gamble

Founder and main coach Anissa Gamble has been living with type 1 diabetes since the age of 8, celiac disease from 11 and hoshimotos disorder since 17. While studying medicine and immersed in the research field, she realized the necessity to educate, connect and talk about diabetes.

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What Will I learn

The program will first educate you of the basic diabetes physiology and latest technology. You will then learn the power of implying a positive lifestyle through various topics and the scientific reasoning of each activity. Finally, you will be able to combine your new found knowledge and imply a holistic style of diabetes management that will certainly improve your health and HbA1C's.

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How Can I start

Sign up today for your free 15-minute consultation. We offer plans that are centered around your needs.

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Dedicated to change.

Thumbs up diabetes is a coaching based platform geared towards educating, motivating and connecting people living with diabetes.

The gesture of thumbs up is a positive reminder for being grateful to live each moment to its’ fullest despite what life throws at you.

Diabetes is hard and it can set you back, but it can only set you back if you allow it to.


Redefine your diabetes management today

Stop letting diabetes get in the way of your life.