What is Diabetes?


Learn about diabetes physiology and basic science.

Topics include:

  • The physiology of type 1 diabetes and how it differs from type 2.

  • What is an islet of langerhans

  • How does a cell produce insulin

  • Why diabetes is a mixture of genetic and environmental factors.

  • What is an islet transplant

  • What is the latest technology

Thumbs up will teach you complex concepts and biological pathways in a simplified and humorous manner. You don’t have to be intelligent or even like science to learn what happens in your body with type 1 diabetes.

By learning the fundamentals of diabetes you will be more confident in your management and willingness to talk and educate.

Thumbs up diabetes is an educational platform that teaches aspects and applications that is backed by scientific literature. In essence, we do not teach the writing on the bathroom walls you find on facebook, but rather science reviewed research and lessons from people living with diabetes.


As a patient, educator and researcher, Thumbs up will educate you on the physiology and topics associated living with diabetes. If we cannot answer a question or area we will research and seek health care professionals in order to meet your needs