Thumbs up has a wealth of experience in the scientific research field and community support resources. Below are hand selected first author publications.

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The impact of peer based education and connection is major stable in diabetes management. Gamble writes about her experience attending and working with Connected in Motion through a Beyond Type 1 article


Tortoise vs the Hare-Islet Transplantation vs Technology

What will win the race for insulin independence or best diabetes management? The fast pace of technology implementing closed loop systems through continuous glucose monitors or the slow pace field of islet transplantation?


Finding My Thumbs Up

Thumbs up is a symbolic gesture Gamble used to get from the stands from her mother. Now thumbs up is expressing gratitude for being alive and healthy.

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Training Tips for Hiking

In preparation for a multiple day hike on the North Coast trail, Gamble gives tips on how to physically prepare for the trek.


The Journey of Islet Cell Transplantation and Future Development

First author scientific review article on islet transplantation published in the journal Islets.


Transplantation: Pancreatic and Islet cells

Book chapter in the encyclopedia of endocrinology diseases about islet and pancreas transplantation


Bioengineered human pseudoislets form efficiently from donated tissue, outperform native islets in vitro, and restore normoglycemia in mice.

Scientific research paper evaluating the efficacy of bioengineered pseudoislets for islet transplantation in the journal Diabetologia.


Improved islet recovery and efficacy through co-culture and co-transplantation of islets with human adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells

First author research paper researching the efficacy of human adiposed derived mesenchymal stem cells during a 48 hours co-culture period with murine and human islets.


Founder of thumbs up, Gamble has also been apart of other other scientific journal articles such as

The American Journal of Transplantation "BMX-001, a novel redox-active metalloporphyrin, improves islet function and engraftment in a murine transplant model."

Antonio Bruni, Andrew R Pepper, Rena L Pawlick, Boris Gala-Lopez, Anissa Gamble, Tatsuya Kin, Andrew J Malcolm, Carissa Jones, Jon D Piganelli, James D Crapo, A M James Shapiro

Cell Death and Disease“Ferroptosis-inducing agents compromise in vitro human islet viability and function

 Antonio Bruni, Andrew R. Pepper, Rena L. Pawlick, Boris Gala-Lopez, Anissa F. Gamble, Tatsuya Kin , Karen Seeberger, Gregory S. Korbutt, Stefan R. Bornstein, Andreas Linkermann and A. M. James Shapiro