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Active in the diabetes and hockey community, thumbs up founder Gamble has been featured on several data based resources


Alberta Diabetes 10 years Portraits of Diabetes

Apart of the Alberta Diabetes 10th year anniversary, the institution displayed portraits of Diabetes that offered a glimpse into what it’s like to live with diabetes.


Gamble’s Goals: Making Strides Toward a Career in Medicine

President of the Pre Med Society and a founding father of the Alpha Epsilon Delta pre medical society at Robert Morris, Gamble hopes to change diabetes education.


Where Are They Now?

After attending and playing for Robert Morris University NCAA Division 1 hockey team, Gamble was featured as a success post graduation.

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Thumbs Up! Anissa Gamble making a difference for diabetics

The Pittsburgh hockey digest catches up with Gamble and her initiative of Thumbs up Diabetes.


ADI trainee takes on Type 1 diabetes

Alberta Diabetes institute trainee Anissa Gamble takes on the North Coast trail to raise money for type 1 diabetes organization Connected in Motion


The North Coast Trail Series - The Team Optimist

Always with a positive attitude, see how Gamble tackled the North Coast Trail adventure with Connected in Motion.


infernotake-chance-gamble CWHL draft

Drafted to the Calgary inferno in the 2017 Canadian Women’s hockey draft.