New Thumbs Up Year

Jump into the new year with a 5 part coaching program

Thumbs up 5 part pilot project is a guided seminar that will teach you diabetes physiology, exercise, nutrition, and psychological health geared around the individual need.

Please join thumbs up nation that will educate and help you with your diabetes management. An outline of the sessions are as followed:

  1. Diabetes physiology and basic science

  2. Exercise and nutrition

  3. Psychological health and connection

  4. Individual assessment and goals

  5. Assessment and follow up.

holiday 5 part.jpg

Don’t let diabetes bring down the holiday cheer

Where: Online - Zoom

When: Each session will be scheduled with individual between the months of December to March.

Cost: $40.00 CAD

Example Challenges we can conquer

  • High carbohydrate meals

  • Travelling

  • Exercise

  • Diabetes mindset

  • Dealing with stress

  • Future fears related with diabetes

    Let’s talk about!